Auto Decoiler for Purlin Machine

It is not easy to load and unload coils by manual decoiler. it requires head traveling crane, need 2 workers, and takes much time.

with this auto decoiler, you just need put the coil on the coil car, then press buttons to move the coil to support arm, and then press button to expand the arm to fix the coil tightly. It is easy and convenient.

whole machine

auto decoiler with trolley

purlin machine


back side

control system

you can control following actions easily with buttons.

1. expand or shrink the mandrel to load coils.

2. move the coil in or out off the mandrel.

3. the coil rotates forward or reverse when the machine is working

coil trolley

you put the coil onto this trolley and move it with buttons to load into the mandrel.

it is very convenient if you do not have head traveling crane. if you load coil by forklift, it is hard to make sure the coil is concentric with the mandrel.


it is used to support the coil

 inclined block

the inside of mandrel is made of inclined block. it is much stronger than normal connecting rod


with this sensor, the auto uncoiler will automatically stop or start to match the speed of the machine.

if the machine runs faster, the decoiler will start rotating the coil. if the machine stops to cut, the decoiler will stop accordingly